【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

A Mark of Beauty and Kindness

Dharma as Water / Translated by the Dharma as Water Editorial Team, Tzu Chi USA


Best Medical Staff Do Health-Promoting / Dr. Chin-Lon Lin

Engage in Sutra and Repent Unwholesome Habits / Dr. Ruey-Ho Kao


A Doctor Who Transcends Time and Space / Dr. Lih-Shinn Wang

【Timeless Moments】

Father and Son / Dr. Yen-Ta Huang

Her Hand - A Rare CdLS (Cornelia de Lange Syndrome) Disorder / Dr. Chi-Hao Wu

【Cover Story】

The 20 th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services / Ching-Fang Tseng, Chiu-Hui Huang, Chien-Min Shen, and Yi-Fang Wu

Small Town, Happy Town - Health Promotion in Yuli Tzu Chi Hospital / Shih-Yuan Chen

The Trip to Green Energy Hospital / Yu-Mei Gao

【Special Report 1】

Life in Full Blossom – Rose Parade Float Honors Organ Donation / Ching-Fang Tseng, Li-Hui Hsu, and Tzu Chi U.S.A.

【Special Report 2】

Cultivation of Physician-Scientists – Experimental Techniques Training Courses at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital & Tzu Chi University / Chien-Min Shen and Ching-Fang Tseng

【Fountain of Innovation】

Faith and Value Based Leadership and Management – Why the World Needs Tzu Chi / Rey-Sheng Her

【Worldwide Medical Missions】

Brisbane, Australia Free Dental Clinic in Tara

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Visiting the Home of Heroes

【Diaries of Tzu Chi Hospital】

Yuli, Kuanshan End-of-the-Year Blessing

Kuanshan, Chinese Medicine Doctors’ Weekly Visit

Hualien, A Tour-Bus Accident, Korean Tourists Injured But Felt Warmth

Dalin, Celebrating Dietitian Day

Taipei, Dental Service for People with Disability

Taichung, Say Good Bye to More Than Twenty Years of Headaches