【 Dharma Master's Blessings 】

Persistency in Saving Lives

【 From the CEO 】

Become a Vegetarian

【 Editorial 】

Do It Now

【 Humanities 】

Endless Devotion in Yuli   

A Neurosurgeon in a Small Village

Follow Grandpa’s Footsteps

【 Cover Story 】 

Making Good Use of Life – The 11th Anniversary of TIMA 

When Surgeons Meet Silent Mentors – On Advanced Simulation Surgery Lessons

Eternal Gratitude – A Concert for Tzu Chi Body & Organ Donors

【 Glory of Medical Mission 】

Greener Hospitals — Information Security Management System ISO27001 Certification

【 Disaster Relief in Taiwan 】

Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan

【 Special Report 】

Love Throughout the Mountain Tribes — Integrated Medical Delivery System in Haiduan Township

Compassion and kindness, Joyfulness and Giving

Everlasting Friendship

A Living Bodhisattva — Kuanshan Hospital

【 Health Promoting Hospital 】

The 18th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services in Manchester UK, 2010

【 TIMA World Wide Medical Missions 】

Haiti Disaster Relief — Adapted from the Haiti Disaster Relief Daily Report

Disaster Relief in the City of Lota, Chile — May 30, 2010

【 Volunteer Profile 】

The Music of Love is Dharma — The Story of Kuo-Ming Li

【 Bone Marrow Donation 】

Celebrating the Completion of Selfless-giving — 2,000 Marrow Donors Completion in Tzu Chi Registry

【 Medical Diary 】

Dalin-Inauguration of the Preventive Medical Center

Taipei-A Piano Concert by a Patient’s Survivor

Hualien-iStan, the Super Bio Model

Yuli-Distributing Vaccines to Remote


Tzu Chi Medical & Nursing Care

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