【 Dharma Master's Blessings 】

Witnessing the Power of Love

【 Editorial 】

Empower and Cultivate Talents

【 Humanities 】

The Joy of Building from Scratch   

Suffering from a Rare Disease

【 Cover Story 】 

Twin Roses – First Successful Case of Separating Conjoined Twins at the Buttocks in Taiwan 

A Wondrous Affinity of Life and Love

【 Special Report 】

New Hope for Osteoarthristis — A Novel Concept for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

New Humane Doctors from Afar

【 Glory of Medical Mission 】

Innovation Award Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments by Dr. Ing-Ho Chen

【 Life-Conquering Profile】

A Precious Face — Huei-Ching Peng’s Gift of Life

【 Worldwide Medical Missions 】

Zamboanga, Philippines — 10 Years of Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Lives with Great Love

St. Haniya City, Paraguay — The Poor Learn to Share and Feel Rich in Mind

Sri Lanka — The Third Joint Medical Outreach by Singapore-Malaysia-Sri Lanka

【 Medical Diary 】

Hualien-Health Education in Primary Schools in the Mountain Tribes

Taipei-Nursing Innovation Competition – The Ingenious Work about Environmental Protection

Taichung-Pediatric Rehabilitation Team Enters Lishan, a Mountainous Area in Central Taiwan

Dalin-Promising Cure Rate in Treating Colorectal Cancer Combining Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yuli-Celebrating the Chongyan Festival with Cancer Screening for Seniors

Kuanshan-Sri Lankan Physicians Study to Benefit the Remote Areas


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