【 Dharma Master's Blessings 】

Life Is Creation, Wisdom of Life Is Forever

【 Editorial 】

The Wisdom of Eternal Life

Dharma as Water

【 Humanities 】

Consolation from Afar, Repentance in Earnest

【 Cover Story】

Great Giving — 15th Anniversary of Tzu Chi Body Donation for Anatomy and Simulation Surgery

Warmly Entrust Firm Tradition — Tzu Chi’s Medical Education of Anatomy and Surgery Simulation

The Most Profound Passion in Medicine

An Unexpected Lifelong Lesson

【 Timeless Moments 】

Days After Earthquake, Pakistan

My Belief in Poetic Anethesia

【 Special Report 】

Miracle of Life— Donors and Receivers of Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center Met with Joy

Hear the World of Love  — The First Cochlear Implant Surgery in Suzhou, China

Fun with Weight Loss— Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital Weight Loss Movement

【 Vegan Health】

Turn Kitchen Waste into Delicate Cuisine

【Fountain of Innovation】

The Pygopagus Conjoined Twins Separation and Perfect Nerve Systems Rebuilt

【 Worldwide Medical Missions 】

Los Angeles, USA — 4,000 Patients Benefited in Four Days

Redhill Community, Singapore — New Service Open: Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

【 Diaries of Tzu Chi Hospital 】

Taipei-Never Give Up: New Life Starts! Heart Transplantation

Hualien-Surgical ICU Brought Surprise for the Nursery Children Before X’mas

Kuanshan-Changbin Free Clinic Treating Chronic and Emergency Cases

Yuli-It Is Never too Late to Exercise

Taichung-Joy of Hunting for Treasures

Tzu Chi Medical & Nursing Care

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