【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Harmony through Vigilance


The Pinnacle of Medicine / Dr. You-Chen Chao


Diary of Small Town Physician / Dr. Yao-Lin Yang

The Value of Nursing / Yen-Fan Lee

【Cover Story】

Hepatoprotection through Cauterization-Cancer Team, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital / Dr. Chia-Chi Wang

Unveil the Invisible Cloak – Pancreas / Dr. Hsien-Hong Lin

Explore the Uncharted Territory – Enteroscopy / Dr. Hung-Ta Chen

The Art of Minimalism - Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection / Dr. Chien-Hua Chen

Crisis Management - Resection of Colorectal Polyps / Dr. Pin-Chao Wang

【Special Report】 

Disaster Relief Fund-Raising for Hurricane Sandy / En-Hsin Liang, Hsiu-Ying Tseng, Chia-Hsin Tsai, Hsiao-Chuan Huang, Wen-I Cheng, Hui-Fang Chen, Shih-Yuan Chen, Hana You

【Timeless Moments】 

Stand by you / Dr. Chien-Hsing Wang

【Marrow Stem Cells Donation】 

Rite of Passage / Wei-Ting Wei, Wei-Yun Peng, Szu-Chi Huang

【Volunteer Story】 

Mr. Niiyama’s Trip to Taiwan / Shi-Yuan Chen, En-Sing Liang, Ze-Ling Huang, Yueh-Wei Li

【Clinical Practice Note】 

A Small House by the Ocean / Dr. Ming-Chen Hsieh

【Worldwide Medical Missions】 

Ayutthaya, Thailand Five Hospitals, Four Towns – The Coordinated Mobilization of Love

Port au Prince, Haiti The Premier of Major Free Clinic in Haiti

【Diaries of Tzu Chi Hospital】 

Hualien Safeguard Children’s Oral Hygiene

Taichung The First Union of Cochlear Implant Recipients

Kuanshan Love and Compassion, the Best Medicine

Yuli Drink Tea over Smoking

Dalin An Extraordinary Wedding of Love and Filial Piety


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